Drum Recording & Mixing Workshop

wnltl day 1 (28).jpg
wnltl day 1 (28).jpg

Drum Recording & Mixing Workshop


Hello friends and fellow drum recording enthusiasts! On the 9th and 10th of November I'll be conducting a drum recording and mixing workshop at the wonderful Ranch Production House. This is a great chance for engineers that are struggling with drum sounds, as well as those who want to have a more in depth look into the process of recording and mixing drums. During the two days I'll be going through the following;

Day 1:

  • Establishing the genre and choosing the right drum for the job

  • Re-skinning and tuning the kit

  • Mic choices and placement

  • Choosing pre amps, dynamics, EQ and polarity/phase

  • Headphone mixes and making sure the drummer is comfortable before tracking

  • Tracking drums and what to listen out for; dynamic playing, cymbal bashing, different takes

  • Comping and editing

Day 2

  • Prepping drums for mix; Cutting tom bleed, bussing, cymbal bleed trick

  • Level balancing

  • Sample reinforcement; aligning samples and making sure everything is all in phase

  • Cymbal and room mic treatment

  • EQ and compression

  • Reverb

  • Automations

There are eight spaces available for the class. Hope to see you there!

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